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Hi all hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I did it was full of food, family and gifts. My husband gave me an IPad mini and I love it! On Christmas morning I had a lovely peaceful time with my hook and Christmas music while making a case for it.

I used the instructions From the Green Dragonfly, lovely instructions. Anyway onto year end here is a collage of my projects that I have made since I last updated here


I am very proud of a few of these the artists palette shawl ( loom knit) the wingspan shawl ( Tunisian crochet) the Dr. Who scarf ( Tunisian crochet ) and the Sidney Owl ( loom knit ).

Hope everyone has a very Happy and Safe New Year.

Good morning all, Here is what I’ve finished since I last updated.


Sidney the Owl- Loom knit using this pattern:
I used a Kiss Loom and Lion Brand Jiffy yarn.


Tunisian Twist Cowl test pattern from


Yoda purchased crochet pattern from
I must have been half asleep when I wrote R2D2! LOL!


Loomknit geopuffs/hexipuffs using 2 strands of sock yarn and pattern from here


Sydney Stitch Dishcloth wrote this pattern for the Kiss Looms anniversary party. The pattern will be available here soon.

Hi all hope you are having a great weekend! I am, the mail delivered my new EFG sock loom from Kiss Looms a lovely little loom it has 56 pegs and is adjustable as to the number of pegs with a fixed Gauge. I love it, I am going to be trying a hexipuff on it tonite. I need to catch up with Marilou she has made a whopping 197 puffs, want to see them? She sent me a pic, here it is

There sure are some pretty puffs, thanks for the pic Marilou! Ya’ll have a great evening! Angel

Hi all, Happy Memorial Day! First I want say THANKYOU to all who serve/have served in the Military. My oldest son Nicholas is in the Army and I am very proud of him.
Are ya’ll having a good long weekend? I am, I took Friday off, so mine has been a bit longer. I spent the day going to yard sales with Crystal and Samantha and boy did I score! I found this lovely vintage cabinet for $10.00! I love it! It has already found a home in my house.


Saturday I spent the day at Tim’s helping the kids have a yard sale, mostly I just sat in the chair and loom knit in between collecting money and got sun burnt ! It was pretty cool all day. I was working on more Hexipuffs, they make a great take along project! These are all the puffs I made over the last week:


I’ve been playing a bit with changing the colors in them, I think I like the pink/ gray one best. What do you think? I changed color each round except on rows 8,9 and 10, I think it turned out real pretty.

Yesterday I spent a lazy day loom knitting and watching movies. I was working on more Mason Jar Covers. I am going to be doing a class on them over in Loom Class from June 3-15, you need to be a member to participate. They have been fun to work up. We had steak and potatoes cooked on the grill for supper, yum!


Today has been more loom knitting, movie watching and some pattern writing. It is cool and rainy here today so I don’t mind being inside. Rob and I made breakfast burritos this morning, yummy they are great for grab and go during the week cuz it is back to work tomorrow 😦 ya’ll have a great rest of the day! Angel


Good morning all! We are back in the freezer here in Michigan! Temperatures are in the 30’s. Brrr! Eventually it will stay warm here. I have been having some hand pain recently which I am sure is caused by crocheting too much 😦 So I pulled out my looms and started working on some Hexipuffs. I am using the Hexigonal Geopuff pattern from loomlady the pattern is in the sidebar. Until yesterday I had made all of them on the flower loom called for in the pattern. I decided to try them on a Kiss Loom


The loom I used has 24 pegs and I made it according to the pattern I marked every 4th peg and just knit the extra stitches. I really like the way it turned out! It feels a little softer and squishier and is slightly larger than the ones on the flower loom.


I still want to make a blanket out of these I guess I should work on them more often. My little pile above has 28 in it! Not very many since I started these a year ago. Ya’ll have a great day!

Hi all, it’s finally Friday! I had 4 new babies at work this week so it made for a long one! (I am an infant lead teacher in a day care center) I do have a couple of finished items to share. A pretty granny square tissue box cover

I used scraps of Red Heart super Saver to make it, not sure I like the red in it!
I also made some Birdie decortions from Attic24
I only got a picture of one but I made 3 and took 2 of them to my MIL on Easter. I have this one hanging from a ceiling fan. I plan to make several more when I have more time.


Hi all, hope everyone had a great week!!! The sun was actually shining today and it was almost warm about 50 degrees!!! Hopefully it won’t get really cold again. Last night laying in bed I was thinking about the little crochet bunny from the Green Dragonfly that I made earlier in the week.
I still need to make one more! So suddenly i had this thought that I could loom knit one! Wouldn’t that be cool. This afternoon I gave it a try using that pattern as a guide I made one! Ta Dah here it is!


I think it turned out rather cute! It was also easy and pretty quick. So how did I do it? Like this:
Loom: kiss 24 peg modular set up to knit in the round on the smallest setting.
8 peg kiss spool loom (used for the white muzzle)
Yarn: small amounts of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in 4 colors.
Small amount of polyester fiberfill
2 black 1/4 inch buttons
Black embroidery floss
Small elastic bands or painters tape to mark your loom
Loom tool, yarn needle, scissors needle thin enough to sew on the buttons
Dinner fork ( to make the pompom )
Pattern for the crochet bunny found here( for the pictures to see how it is put together)
You can find it here:

Pattern for the Granny Round from Good Knit Kisses which is here:

Front and back ( make 2 )
Mark your loom on pegs 1,7,13, and 19

Step 1. Cast on to 24 pegs using the double ewrap cast on
Purl across first 6 pegs, turn and knit back to peg 1
Round 1 Wrap and knit off all 24 pegs
Round 2 wrap and purl all 24 pegs
Change color and begin following The Granny Round Pattern, you will start following it from Round 2 and you will continue following it too the end, changing color after 2 rounds, than again after 2 more rounds. After it is off the loom tie together your color changes, weave in ends and trim. Make another one. These are your front and back.
Ears ( make 2 )
Using the adjustable cast on, cast on to 6 pegs using the yarn color you used for the first 2 rows of the front and back.
Adjustable cast on is here: it is in the side bar under loom knitting techniques.
You will be knitting a flat panel
Row 1 knit across
Row 2 increase 1 stitch knit across increase one stitch
Repeat these 2 rows until you have 13 stitches changing colors for stripes as desired.
Knit 3 rows even
Begin decreases
Decrease 1 stitch at each end of the panel until you have 6 stitches left on the loom, bind off using the gathered bind off after it is off the loom pull up tight and tie off using the yarn tail sew up seam matching the stripes. Flatten piece with seam centered in the back. Pull up cast on edge to about 1/2 inch tie off. Set aside and make another one.
Using white yarn and the spool loom cast on using the drawstring cast on found here it is in the side bar under loom knitting techniques. Flat knit for 5 rounds bind off using the super stretchy bind off. Leave long tail for sewing. Embroider nose and mouth.
Using white yarn make pompom as directed in the crochet pattern ( I only wrapped the yarn 30 times.)

Putting it all together
Following the crochet pattern sew it all together and you have a cute little bunny.
Here are my 2 together


I think they are both so cute!

hi all I created a new page for the Puff A Long just click on the link at the top of the page.

Hi all, I have been completely obsessed with the little hexapuffs used in

the Beekeepers Quilt I purchased the pattern and have been trying different ways of making them. I have used loomknit and crochet. The first one I

tried I used the Kiss fine gauge 1 loom and the instructions as written in the pattern. This is it:

Hexapuff knit on the Kiss fine gauge loom

It came out kinda of small and squatty

The next one I tried was still using the Kiss fg 1 loom except this time I made it using short rows, essentially I made a sock heel and then immediately made another and then I Kitchener stitched the opening closed. It came out too large:

Short Row Hexapuff using the Kiss FG 1 loom

I did not really care for the way it turned out.

Next I tried one using the Kiss FG 2 loom and once again followed the pattern instructions again, It came out to be the size called for in the pattern 3 inches of the 3 I like this one the best:

Next I tried some crocheted ones I tried 3 different ones:

Hexapuff Lap Quilt

The Apiary Puff

Crochet Hexagon Puff

I like the Crochet Hexagon Puffs the best, it is the pink one in the photo.

I am thinking about holding a Hexapuff LAL or CAL here on my blog. You would need to purchase the original pattern from Tiny Owl Knits on Ravelry, though the size you make yours will be up to you.

It would not start for a few weeks and would be a somewhat longterm project. If you are interested in joining please reply in the comments of this post.

Other than the hexapuffs I haven’t gotten much else done lately I started Mr. Bunny from in Loom Class but still need to finish him up, he is lacking 1 arm and 2 legs. I also crochet a dishcloth and scrubbie but they are for an exchange so can’t post photos yet.

I am suffering from spring fever, It has warmed up a little here in Southwest Michigan so I’m thinking spring. We are going to have a high today of 53 degrees, I might have to take a walk.

I just knit this little spring candy dish

It started out to be a basket and turned into a dish. I am teaching a Beginner/Refresher class over in LoomClass and needed something that used the techniques I am covering so I came up with this.The pattern is on my pattern page. Hi all yesterday I decided to give the pattern a try on a Knifty Knitter Loom, I placed a pattern for it on the pattern page. I like the Kiss Loom version better. here is a photo of them side by side

Green knit on a Kiss Loom, Blue on a Knifty Knitter Loom

March 2023


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