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Hi all, these 2 granny squares arrived in the mail today from Marvalee in Louisianna, she was my swap partner from the granny square exchange on the AtmyhouseYahoo group. Aren’t they pretty! I just love getting stuff in the mail! Ya’ll have a great evening, Angel


Hi all hope everyone had a great week. I have the day off today and it has been so nice this morning. I have been sitting here crocheting a granny square and listening to it rain! I was so thankful I did not need to go out in it. The rain should be ending later today. I wanted to share a small lapghan I finished recently



I used the Summer Garden Granny Square from Attic24.
and I have been working on it since last year. I made 48 squares, I joined strips of 6 squares using this invisible join

Than I crocheted a granny row on each side of the strip than I joined each row of strips using the join as you go method
I added 2 rows of regular granny around the outside.

I am not totally happy with it, It is crooked and the border is waffily but I guess it still looks pretty. Time to head out for grandparents day at Molly’s school, ya’ll have a great day!

Good morning all, I had a very busy week so not much time for blog or crochet. I did get a little crochet in I have 2 main projects that I am working on a granny square pillow the pattern is from Sarah London’s book Granny Square Love. (I have the Kindle version) Also a tablerunner of my own design it was inspired by this afghan
I am also working on the WoolEater Motif CAL, I just managed to get 3 motifs completed, I’ll post pictures on Wednesday.
I did complete 1 project, the owl hotpad I made for my daughter and it has been delivered.

I used this pattern that I purchased on Etsy. I made 1 owl block and 1 circle block and joined them together using this method


I was pleased with how it turned out. The owls on the wall are what inspired me to make it! Ya’ll have a great weekend.

Hello all it is a beautiful warm (69 F ) day here in SW Michigan! It is the first day it has been warm enough for me to be outside and I have a neighbor ruining it! Someone that lives behind us is having target practice with a loud and annoying gun! ( we live in the country so it is legal ) Weezer will not set a paw off the back steps when shooting is going on, he’s hiding behind the couch right now! I was going to sit outside and crochet but the gunshots interfered with my concentration. I’ve mostly been piddling around with it today anyway. This is what I’ve accomplished:

The little round flower is called granny in the middle and is from Diva Stitches
The little square block is called a squircle and is from Dly’s Hooks and Yarn
The little brown owl is part of the Owl Obsession blanket pattern and is available for purchase on
The owl is what I am planning to use fo Crystal’s hotpads, but I am not real happy with the way it is working up. I bought fresh flowers this morning:

20130427-164003.jpg aren’t they pretty. They make me smile! Ya’ll have a great weekend!

I finally finished the Hex Totebag It was a fun project! I changed directions with colors and decided that I liked the blue, yellow, purple combo so much that thats what I would use for the whole bag. I think it turned out pretty, what do you think?


Here’s the inside, I know the lining looks wrinkly but it really isn’t, it is not easy to take a pic of the inside of a bag by yourself


Ya’ll have a great weekend!

I’ve been making granny squares this week! I started following this CAL last week, I’m going to play catch up and do a couple squares each week until I’m caught up. I got the simple granny done and started on the second square a mitered granny. Here’s the simple granny:

Yesterday a link for this Owl Granny Square came through one of my Yahoo groups
At My House it came at a good time for me My daughter is redoing her kitchen and has some owls in it and I had been looking for something to make hot pads for her and this will work here’s my first one:

20130410-165556.jpg for some reason the owl looks a bit crooked I’m going to do another one tonite.
Lately I have been doing alot of crochet that seems to have alot of pieces to it and this mess on my table has been driving me nuts! The other day as I was picking up the mess again I decided I needed something to keep the mess contained and I thought of this:

I had made this tray many years ago and it was just sitting on a shelf collecting dust. I made it to use for bead weaving ( I used to make jewelry) the tray works perfectly for crochet! Everything stays put on the tray and can easily be put away. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

Hi all, it’s finally Friday! I had 4 new babies at work this week so it made for a long one! (I am an infant lead teacher in a day care center) I do have a couple of finished items to share. A pretty granny square tissue box cover

I used scraps of Red Heart super Saver to make it, not sure I like the red in it!
I also made some Birdie decortions from Attic24
I only got a picture of one but I made 3 and took 2 of them to my MIL on Easter. I have this one hanging from a ceiling fan. I plan to make several more when I have more time.


February 2023


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