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The last few weeks I’ve been redecorating a bedroom and I needed to do it inexpensively, I spent less than $100 dollars and I don’t think it turned out to bad. The green headboard on the wall was made from placemats overlapped and tacked to the wall. I sewed the curtains, the file cabinet cover and modified pillowcases to be pillowshams.

I used the instructions for the file cabinet cover from the book One Yard Wonders.

For the pillowshams I made buttonholes and decorated the case with squares of fabric, I also crocheted the buttons



Got a bit of sewing done today, I made this Ipad cover for myself today The pattern was purchased from Clotilde It was a quick easy pattern only took a couple of hours.

I made this cute pillowcase style dress for my granddaughter Molly today

Molly in her dress

Also finished a bag from the make a bag sew a long at this blog there are 5 more bags to be made in this Sew aLong that I plan to complete.

I recently made this cute travel checkers game for my grandson Tanner. I found a tutorial on the Modify Tradition blog

I also completed this quilt for an anniversary gift for my husband Rob. In my recent clean up of my sewing space I came across it and realized how close it was to finished, it was layered with the top, batting and backing. I tied it and hand stitched the binding on which is just a foldeover from the backing. It is made of flannel and I can’t remember what year I started it or what pattern I used, but it is finished now.

Rob's Quilt

I really haven’t done much sewing over the last couple of years, mainly do to time and the sewing room being such a mess. The room had become a place to just dump stuff I did not know what else to do with. Last summer I made an apron for my daughter and I had to take the machine to the dining room table. Since I’ve been laid off I’ve really been wanting to sew, I even went so far as to schedule Thursdays as my sewing day, but the mess had to be dealt with first. I decided to move the sewing room to the room across the hall that was finally vacant of children. It is a little larger than the other room. Well I’ve been working on it for about a month and can see light at the end of the tunnel for the most part everything has been moved and I once again have a useable sewing space.

Sewing machine and Serger

Notion Storage

Cutting Table

Pressing Area

Yarn Storage

The tables are banquet tables they we bought for parties and such. The notion Shelves are the shelves from under a loft bed that we have remove from the room, my fabric is stored in plastic bins under the cutting table. I bought a hanging closet organizer at Walmart and are perfect for yarn. The pressing table is an old dresser with a wool blanket on top and covered with an old sheet. I am so happy I got this all done, I actually spent today Thursday my sewing day sewing. I worked on a free Quilt Block of the Month by Victoriana Quilters. The series runs from January to June and is called 4-patch Fun Januarys block is called 4 patch Circle and I finished mine today!!!

4 Patch Circle Block of the Month

I really had fun, it is great to be sewing again!!!

9 Responses to "Sewing Room"

This looks great, Angel!! If you’re every in GA, drop by and organize my crafting chaos šŸ˜‰

Thanks Brenda, it felt really good to get it done. I haven’t been to Georgia in a while, the last time I was there I visited Atlanta. I lived in Florida growing up and had a friend from Valdosta. I found the I taught myself to knit book at Walmart yesterday and I love your designs that are in it. I think I am going to make the blanket for my niece who is due this summer.

Angel, maybe we can call this the year of organizing. I have been trying to do this for a year and also, I’m finding my sewing and knitting space again. I see empty yarn spaces for future purchases. They will fill up fast with yarn/fabric. I didn’t have a fabric stash but now I do thanks to a group of ladies here who, once a month keep me sewing something new. I love your quilt blocks, you are back to both, sewing and knitting. Yes…we can have both worlds. I have an embroidery machine, a singer sewing machine and a serger. Have fun there are tons of fun things out there to sew.

Jeannette, this is definitely the year of organizing for me. Good that you are finding your spaces again. You are fortunate to have a group to craft with, I wish I had a local group. Though my online friends are pretty wonderful also, just not quite the same. Thank you the quilt blocks were a lot of fun. What brand is your embroidery machine? My machine is a embroidery/sewing machine. I’ve had it for about 3 years.I was feeling very guilty about not using it much cuz it was so expensive. I plan to put it to use now.

You are very lucky,have a Sewing room, it is very light and spacious also I love it! Everything is well maintained !

It is so beautiful just like you are !!!!!!

Swapna, thank you and yes I am lucky to have a sewing room. We’ll seevwhat it looks like after usingnit a while, probably not so well maintained.

Terrific, Angel! šŸ™‚ It looks wonderful…and very usable with all your convenient tables for each type of sewing task. I would LOVE to have an entire room to set up all my things in, lol. I don’t have any kids flying the coop yet (which is a good thing, I have to remind myself, lol) so I don’t have any extra rooms yet. As you’ve probably seen, I do have a small area off of my bedroom which is probably meant to be a large dressing room, as the 2 bedroom closets are there, but I’ve taken over the one wall and tiny corner closet for my crafting area. It works, and I can still get stuff done, so I guess it’s all good. šŸ˜‰

How cool that your room is all set and you can feel free to sew to your heart’s content! Love your yarn storage too…those sweater bins are perfect for that. šŸ™‚

Bethany thank you, I waited 20 years to get my own space so it is rather wonderful. I am really happy with the yarn storage, I could never find what I wanted when I had it in plastic bins. Your sewing space looks quite cozy and I love the way you have your yarn.

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