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Hi all, well I kinda of fell down on the job of keeping this puff along going, but I’m pleased to report that Marilou has been working on them and has completed a pretty pet bed and kindly sent photos.
This is what Marilou said about making this:

37 puffs using Valerie Lawson’s crochet pattern. Bernat Mosiac yarn, H hook and lots of fiberfil. I crocheted them together. The second pic shows the back side and the crocheting. Not so pretty but It works. Photos are down below, the last 2 on the page.

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Sorry its taken me a bit to update here, I have been learning how to make Brenda Myers version of the hexipuffs, she is calling them geopuffs.
She created some really great videos to take you through the pattern, they can be found here

I like her version so well I think I am changing direction a bit and am going to use her geopuffs for a a quilt for my grandson Tanner, he requested one from me last christmas. So far I have 11 geopuffs complete. I will be seaming them together using this method
;invisible seaming
this is a link that Brenda shared and is easy peasy I tried it late Friday night.for some reason my pics are going to the end of the page so scroll to the bottom to see my little pile of puffs and the invisible seaming.

Good afternoon all, Happy April Fools Day, I was hoping to be able to say good morning but my computer has been giving me fits, I guess it has been trying to play a joke on me HA HA! Well it seems to be working now so I should get along with it. The LAL/CAL begins!!! First I want to thank Bethany of Gettin it Pegged for her help with this she has very kindly created a database on her Yahoo Group for us to keep track of our little puffs, you will need to join the group if you are not a member to access the database. I want to also thank Cliff of Kiss Looms for so kindly offering a discount on the loom I am recommending you use. I also owe a thank you to Brenda Meyers from Loom Lore a thank you, she put her plans on hold for the hexapuffs so as not to interfere with this LAL. So a Big THANK YOU to you all! Now onto the LAL first you need the pattern for the BeeKeepers Quilt found here , I thought ya’ll might find this video interesting it is about the Beekeepers quilt by the lady that wrote the pattern. Sock yarns, your Loom and lots of enthusiasm. This Document:

Loom Knit Hexapuffs so I hope this link works, its the first time I’ve used Dropbox. This not really a pattern just the way I did them based on the pattern for the Beekeepers Quilt.

For those of you that will be crocheting yours you need your chosen pattern, I have tried three The Hexipuff Lap Quilt, The Crochet Hexagon-Puff, the Apriary Puff, the one I like the best is the Crochet Hexagon-puff and is what I will be using for the ones I crochet.

Could ya’ll please let me know in the comments what method you will be using?

I will be back later in the week to discuss differentyarns and some different seaming methods. Have a great week and lots of fun with your Hexapuffs!!!

Hi all, hope everyone is having a great day, It is beautiful here in Kalamazoo, we are having way above normal tempratures into the high 70’s it is great! So I think there has been enough interest to host a Hexapuff LAL/CAL. I would like to start on March 31 and plan to have it run for at least 6 months. I have decided that My quilt will be made of both loom knit and crocheted Hexapuffs. The loom I will be using is a Kiss Fine Gauge 2 Short Loom. I love the size of the Loom it will be very portable and is easy to use. Cliff from Kiss Looms has very kindly agreed to offer a 10 percent discount on this little loom for anyone who wishes to purchase it for the LAL! Please email me at and I will send you the coupon code. I am going to try and have weekly updates on the LAL/CAL, it may get a little difficult in June as my youngest daughter Samantha is getting married and I will have oodles of company coming from Texas.

Samantha and Keith.
Be sure and mark your calendars March, 31 the puff a long begins! Ya’ll have a great day!





64 Responses to "Hexapuff Along"

That will be easy to remember, it is the last Saturday of this month and my sons Birthday. Thanks for hosting this. Will you have a pattern of how you are making it on the loom? I should be able to figure it out myself but just wondered.

Jeannette, your welcome, it is an easy date for me to remember also as my sons birthday is the next day. I will not be writing a formal pattern but I will be telling you what I did to knit it on the loom.

Sounds great .. and love the long time span … takes all the pressure off while still being the needed nudge to keep going šŸ™‚

Terry, glad you like the time frame, while each little puff is relatively quick to make you need so many of them the project will take a while.

This sounds like so much fun, Angel! šŸ™‚ You’ve already grown quite a little collection of those cuties, too…they look terrific!

Congrats to your lovely daughter and her groom!

Thank you Bethany, they are quite addicting, so will you be joining us? Btw I really like the idea of having a database for everyone to keep track of there little puffs.

You’re so very welcome, Angel! šŸ™‚ I was super happy to whip up the database for you…I’m a big fan of keeping lists and seeing the progress. šŸ˜‰

I will try to join along as I can…right now I have several projects and commitments that are requiring my attention, but I do so love these little puffs that I’m sure I’ll be squeezing some in. How fun this LAL will be! šŸ™‚

Btw: for others who are interested in joining the group to use the database, here’s the link:

Bethany, it is so nice that you ar so willing to help others so much, I do hope you will get to join us a bit, as these are really fun to make!

Great date to begin. I should have all my stuff caught up by then. I’m going to be using Bernat Mosaic yarn. Its heavier than sock yarn but I have a lot of it.

Marilou, glad that date works for you. I am not sure how the Mosaic will work, I have never used it. What weigh is it?

I think its a #3. They call it #4 but it is skinny as can be. Pretty darn close to Lorna’s Laces DK. I can use sock weight if this doesn’t look like it will work. I’ll just go on a Knit Picks binge. i have enough Knit Picks sock weight to get me started if need be.

Marilou, that does sound like it will work. I have been using some older sock yarns and they are a little thicker and work just fine.

Kiss Fixed 2 and Crochet
Knit Picks sock yarn. I found 10 skeins of this in my stash so I decided the Hexapuff was a great use for it.

Marlou that is great! I Have not tried Knit picks Sock yarn yet, but I do have some of there Palette yarn in solid colors that is weight 1 I thought it would be great to try some of the duplicate stitch flowers that are available on. Let me know how it goes.

ok, I just printed it. Now to find yarn!
Thank you, Angel, for doing this LAL

Grac your welcome, I am so glad you are joining us. I sure hope the document make sense. Please let me know what you think.

Kiss Fixed 2 Is the loom being used
Ok Angela I deem myself to be your problem child lol I downloaded the pattern soon as I seen you posted it
and was a diligent student I was up until 2am doing my lesson and I failed miserably. I’ll be the one who asks why do you have to purchase the The Beekeepers Quilt pattern What is the purpose of having this pattern? (which I bought back in Sept 2011) are we going to be using information from the original pattern? Because I missed something my Hexapuff is squishy alright but it isn’t at all close to the size you mentioned it should come out to I miss read something down the line somewhere. I will go to the corner and reread your instructions and see where I goofed up lol. Yep this cute lil squishy puff got the best of me, but no fear I will figure it out.
Kathy in WI

Kathy you are not a problem at all, for starters what size are yours. The purpose of the pattern is that mine are based on it and when I did my first ones I was using the pattern as written and I don’t want to take credit for something I didn’t do. We will also be using it for putting the quilt together and the little duplicate stitch charts.

Just popping in to say Hi. I will be a late starter, I am finishing up the loomed caterpillar out of Bethany’s book (need it for my great niece at Easter) And also finishing a ruffle scarf for my Sis for making Easter dinner šŸ™‚

I have my fixed 2 KISS loom and I will be rarin’ to go next week šŸ™‚


Terry, thats fine to start late, just start when you have time, that catepillar is just darling,I’m sure the recipient will love it. glad you got your loom.

Thanks for mentioning me, Angel! Anytime I can be a loom knitting enabler I’m all for it! I’m looking forward to you Puff-Along. I think I’m going to try the crocheted puff that is made in the round first, because the construction is similar to my geopuffs that I’ve been making on the 12-peg loom.

Also, I’m a bit late checking in, because I lost the whole weekend wrestling a bout of food poisoning. I think I’m going to live now. I just wanted to make sure I was subscribed to your comments for the CAL/LAL.

Your welcome Brenda, I am so glad you are joining in. The crochet ones are just as fun as the loomed ones, can’t wait to try your method. Sorry to hear you have been ill, food poisoning is no fun my husband had it a couple of weeks ago.

I have my loom, my yarn and am headed to purchase the pattern right now – can’t wait to get started on my first one this weekend!

Kim thats great, so glad you are joining us.

Got my new loom, picked up some new sock yarn on sale and will be attempting my first one this weekend! What do you think of making chair pads out of these cute little guys? I’m getting ready to start decorating my dining room and thought that might be a cute use for all my precious puffs šŸ™‚

Kim, I am glad you everything you need. Chair cushions would be great from the puff, I think they are a great idea.

I love this puff…..wonderful!!
Thank you Angel,may be I’ll be with you all.

Brenda,soo sorry to know about you,may be every things are going OK.Take care my friend.

Swapna, glad you like them it would be great if you joined us.

So I’m starting right now! Whoo Hoo! The links worked perfectly Angel. The PDF directions are so well explained, and the pics REALLY helped. I just watched the video, she is just charming, and it put me right into the Puff Along mood šŸ˜€
Just one question … what’s the best way to seam? Have to go look up some instructions … think I did a mattress stitch once hmmm. Or is there a better technique?

Whoo Hoo … first one done! (on the Kiss Fine gauge short loom.) Seems to be about the right size. Not sure if dense enough, but lots more practice to go šŸ™‚ Just need to seam now. Any suggestions on a seaming technique (didn’t see any mentioned)



Terri, that is great! Sorry for the delayed response, I have been ill the last couple of days. I have tried several seaming methods the first 2 can be found here I tried the basic graft bind off and the kitchener bind off. I did not like the way they turned out so I have been using the mattress stitch sorry I don’t have a link for it.

No worries Angel. I am never in a hurry (always looming 3 or 4 projects at once lol) And I can find the mattress stitch technique (think i already used it on something). Thanks very much for the info.
I am still in practice mode for my puffs. Having a great time with them. You rest up and feel better.

Sorry, just realized I should have replied to your answer, not started a new subject. (I wondered what the numbers meant Duh)

That’s okay Terry.

Terry thanks for being understanding. I would love to see your completed puffs.

Here is a link to the matress stitch

Thanks Kathy, so glad you shared.

Kathy, you’re the best! Now I don’t even have to go Googling šŸ™‚

so where are we posting are finished Hexapuff photos I have 3 done so far I posted them on Kiss group seen I did them with my fine gauge2 short loom

Anyone puffing? I started last night. I mean STARTED. For the past almost a year I crocheted a few. But last night I actually started the project. Now I come here and see that I said months ago I was going to try Bernat Mosaic. I had no memory of saying that. DUH So now I’m off to make a sample in that. I hope it works out because I have a lot of it. Marilou

Marilou glad you got started, I’ve made about 40 but haven’t worked on them since last fall. Let me know how the mosaic works out.

I like the Mosaic. The puff is 5″ across! I will need a lot less than the 2.5″ ones from sock yarn. My favorite is made with Koigu kpppm. That one is 3.5″. The problem is that I really can’t afford that yarn and an afghan would require special care.
I am going to go with the mosaic. I have 15 skeins of it in Ambrosia color. The colors are stunning.
Now that I have made a decision I can say I have one done. LOL The others I made were “swatches”.

Well its back to the swatch corner for me. I made 3 with the Mosaic yarn last night. Each came out perfect and they fit together nice. So now for the big problem. They are far too heavy to use for a blanket even without stuffing. Single crochet is a heavy stitch and doubled its just industrial weight.

So today I’ll be swatching a couple in sock yarn. The 6 I have done are not that great. In fact pretty awful. But in the past 10 months my crochet skills have improved greatly.

Marilou, have you tried Brenda Myers pattern using the flower loom? I did quite a few of them and really like it for thicker yarn.

I did make one of Brenda’s that was peg doubling. Very cool technique.

At the risk of sounding even more flaky than I am I will keep going with the Mosaic yarn and make a kitty mat. They are the perfect thickness and tight stitch for a pet mat. They can be made any size, stuffed or not.

It won’t take long to make a kitty mat. Then I can get back to the sock yarn puffs.

Here I am just about 2 weeks later with a complete doggie mat/bed. Its made of 37 puffs arranged in a hexagon shape. I really am pleased with it. I stuck to the Bernat Mosaic yarn. I wouldn’t really recommend it. It has thick and thin areas and breaks easily. The next one will be RH Super Saver in a solid color.

Marilou, that’s great! I would love to see pics of it and also I would post it here on the blog! I have yet to sew any of mine together. I guess I better get busy.

Cannot wait to see the pic either Marilou. I still have the puffs on my To Do list (I have to, already bought a ton of blendy yellow and blue yarn lol)
So it sounds like you did NOT use the doubling technique for this pet bed right? And how about you Angel, when you play with yours, are you using the doubling technique or the one we played with in your LAL ?
Terry S (Jersey Girl)

Hi Terry, I have done them with worsted weight using Brenda’s technique and with sock yarn using a kiss sock loom and crocheted ones also. I just need to do something with them other than just letting them sit in a basket.

Thanks Angel. I only have about a dozen, and undecided which way to go. Both were such fun to make. I’ll keep experimenting — that’s half the fun anyway šŸ™‚

This question begs to be answered here by a whole bunch of us! Lots of clever thinkers will have lots of clever ideas.
Several rows could be tacked at the top and bottom points, single file vertically, hung from a stick, dowel or curtain rod and used as a wall hanging in a narrow space. A mobile or even a wind chime if metal objects were attached to make noise. When tacking together beads or other found objects could be incorporated. A window curtain would be cool too. There is no rule that says they have to be stuffed.

Marilou some very good ideas to use the little puffs. I’m not sure where I saw this idea but someone used them as a pirates eye patch for a child. The possibilities are endless in how to use them.

Terry I crocheted mine! How about that????

Cool! Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to get practice as i learn to crochet! And yet another exciting option surfaces lol. I really love the little bit of crochet i have done so far. Think Angel pointed out a crochet pattern when she first taught us about them. Off to look in my files šŸ™‚

Found It already! Angel had recommended 3, I had purchased “Crochet Hexagon Puff” (even back then I had a desire to learn crochet) Did you use this one or another? Don’t mind making another purchase. Going to use the pattern to inspire be to work through all the lessons I have stockpiled lol.

Terry, these little puffs are a great way to learn crochet, not alot of yarn or time invested to get a finished item.

This is the pattern I used. I liked it because I don’t like starting things with center rings and I nave not yet learned the magic loop. ;-(

That’s what I was thinking Angel. Both patterns called for thinner yarn. I do have some sock yarn for practice, but do you think I could crochet them with worsted?

Terry, Marilou used a worsted yarn for hers and hers look really nice. Just make sure that you use a larger hook maybe a size H. I did Brendas flower loom ones with worsted and I like them. I haven’t tried any of the crochet ones with worsted yet, but think I will this evening. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hey hexie guys & gals! Anyone making them? I’ve gone hexie mad. I have 20 made with #1 sock yarn. 74 worsted weight ones have been turned into 2 doggie beds.

When I say hexie mad I mean it. i have also jumped into a fabric hexie project. They are 1 inch hexies. Papers and fabric is pre-cut at a Tucson quilt shop. I have an idea what I want to do but its a surprise for now.

Marilou, I haven’t been doing to much with them. A couple of weeks ago I did try a crochet one in worsted weight yarn, it sure is big, great idea to use them for a pet bed though. I think I am going to make this hexy bag
It is very pretty. Angel

Anyone still puffing? As of today I have 197 completed with sock yarn. I see in the previous post on March 23rd I had 20 done. I love making them.

Wow, you’ve really been puffing away! I have about 45 done in worsted weight yarn. My new Kiss sock loom should be here next week and I plan on trying the original pattern on it.

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