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Yarn balls or Yarn cakes

Posted on: May 6, 2013

Yarn balls or Yarn cakes

Hi all hope you had a great Monday! Mine was pretty good, I am having a short week I am going to be off on Friday to attend Grandparents day at Molly’s school. should be fun.
I was thinking earlier as I was winding off a ball of yarn from a large skein what do other people prefer. I have this electric yarn winder and it makes the cakes of yarn. I don’t like it much the cakes are wound loosely and especially when I get near the end of a cake the yarn tangles as it comes off the ball and I really really like using a hand wound ball of yarn. I like how easily the yarn comes off the ball. There is also something very relaxing about winding a ball of yarn it is kinda soothing. I wind most of my yarn into smaller balls, these are some of my leftovers


I think they are easier to take with you and very rarely does it get tangled. A couple of weeks ago I tried winding a center pull ball by hand and really liked it, so I might invest in a nostepinne I used these instructionswhen I tried it I used a ruler and it worked fine. What is your preference cakes or balls? Ya’ll have a great week!!!

4 Responses to "Yarn balls or Yarn cakes"

I have a nostepinne, but have no longer use it, as I much prefer yarn balls to cakes. I use a giant soup mug as a yarn bowl to stop the ball rolling away 🙂

Thanks so much for answering my question! I usually just put the ball in my lap so it doesn’t roll away, but a soup mug is a good idea. In an issue of Crochet World magazine there is a pattern for a yarn bowl, I was thinking about making it, I just need to figure out which issue. Thanks so much! Angel

I like making yarn balls and keep them corralled in something while knitting because I wiggle too much to keep them in my lap. HOWEVER… I was gifted with tons of skeins by an acquaintance who can no longer knit due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I borrowed a yarn winder from a friend and put two skeins together in the cakes because there was simply too much yarn to hand-wind. (I ended up with a 5 bushel tote FULL of cakes!) The cakes are ok, but they do get a little wonky near the end sometimes.

Pam, sounds like you recieved a wonderful gift and I am sure it was a big job to wind into balls. I found a nostipenne at Hobby Lobby for 6.99 and had 40% off coupon and have wound a few balls with it, I am liking it.

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