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Hello all it is a beautiful warm (69 F ) day here in SW Michigan! It is the first day it has been warm enough for me to be outside and I have a neighbor ruining it! Someone that lives behind us is having target practice with a loud and annoying gun! ( we live in the country so it is legal ) Weezer will not set a paw off the back steps when shooting is going on, he’s hiding behind the couch right now! I was going to sit outside and crochet but the gunshots interfered with my concentration. I’ve mostly been piddling around with it today anyway. This is what I’ve accomplished:

The little round flower is called granny in the middle and is from Diva Stitches
The little square block is called a squircle and is from Dly’s Hooks and Yarn
The little brown owl is part of the Owl Obsession blanket pattern and is available for purchase on
The owl is what I am planning to use fo Crystal’s hotpads, but I am not real happy with the way it is working up. I bought fresh flowers this morning:

20130427-164003.jpg aren’t they pretty. They make me smile! Ya’ll have a great weekend!

Hi all I was excited to come across this CAL the other day! Wool-Eater Motif CAL 2013
It had not started yet. The official start date was yesterday April, 24, 2013. I tried to get the button to put here but I can’t seem to figure out how to get it on my blog ( I use an IPad if anyone can tell me how that would be great). I am using Red Heart Super Saver yarn and a size G Hook. I made my first motif last night. It is a nice pattern. I intend to make at least 3 blocks a week. Here it is:

The colors didn’t come out very good in the pic, they are actually brighter. Headed out to dinner for my son’s birthday dinner at Olive Garden, ya’ll have a great evening.

Good morning all, it is a beautiful morning here in Kalamazoo! The sunshine makes me smile! I was up early this morning so I thought I would try this beginner dishcloth from crochet4mybutterfly’sblog
It is a nice pattern, easy to follow and will be great for a beginner. I used a size G hook and Lily Peaches and Cream cotton yarn, colorway Lemon-lime. I made it a bit smaller, because I prefer a smaller dishcloth. I chained 31 for my starting chain and crocheted the 23 rows called for in the pattern. It came out a nice size, it measures 7″x 7and1/2″

It will be well used, I don’t use store bought cloths anymore only knit or crochet ones. The only bad thing about making dishcloths is that my hands protest when I work with cotton yarns! I have to take breaks and rest my hands often. Ya’ll have a gret day.

I finally finished the Hex Totebag It was a fun project! I changed directions with colors and decided that I liked the blue, yellow, purple combo so much that thats what I would use for the whole bag. I think it turned out pretty, what do you think?


Here’s the inside, I know the lining looks wrinkly but it really isn’t, it is not easy to take a pic of the inside of a bag by yourself


Ya’ll have a great weekend!

Hi all, hope everyone is having a great day, the sun has finally been shining this afternoon! YEA!!!
I am feeling better today, this has been a very wicked bug! I should be able to go to work tomorrow (: don’t ya just hate being sick on the weekend and than feel better in time for work. I spent part of this afternoon doing taxes, April 15 is tax day here in the US, I had put them off because I knew we were going to have to pay and we do! All my tax deductions grew up and moved out. Rob keeps saying we should be able to claim Weezer as a dependent, ha ha! At least he will never move out.

Anyway onto Mason Jar Covers. Yesterday after I posted about the crocheted Mason Jar Cozy Angie P. from
which is one of my Yahoo groups, asked me if it could be loom knit, I told her yes and that I would work one up, this is my result ( she also asked about drink cozy’s so thats what I did)

How to’s :
Loom – all in one loom from Authentic Knitting Board
Yarn – Sugar and Cream in the color Lemon-lime
Loom pick
Yarn needle
Peg markers – 6 are needed, I use tiny elastic bands

Set up your loom to knit on 36 pegs in the round. Mark peg 1 and each 6th peg around.
Using the crochet cast on, cast on to all 36 pegs

Row 1 ewrap and knit off
Row 2 ewrap 1peg, slip next peg (take yarn behind peg to next one) repeat around, knit off
Row 3 – 15 ewrap and knit off
If you want it to cover the whole jar just keep knitting until it is tall enough. Than begin the decrease rows.

Decrease rows, I followed Kristen’s method that she uses on her Granny Rounds here it is
Scroll down to the section called decreases and bind off.
Decrease until you have 18 pegs remaining. Bind off using the drawstring bind off, pull up and tie off. Weave in ends, slip on your jar.
I’m trying another one except with a Kiss Loom, I think I can follow the above with no chnges except use the uwrap instead of the ewrap, I’ll let ya know.

Hi all, hoping ya’ll are having a great weekend! Other than it still being very gray and cold outside and I have the ick and feel like crap, mines okay.
On Easter Rob gave me some flowers and I pulled out a handy dandy mason jar to use as a vase. I have a ton of mason jars, Rob once bought 21 cases for 10 bucks, thinking everyone in the family would want some! Guess what? Nobody did!


I’ve been thinking since than the flowers would look prettier if they were in a pretty vase. So I set out to make it prettier, starting with browsing the web and I found two that I liked, but weren’t quite what I was looking for, so I kinda made my own inspired by:
Crochet Dynamite –
Attic 24 –

Mason Jar Cover

Lily Sugar and Cream 1 skein white, 1 skein Sunny Sky ( did not use full skeins)
Size G (4.0 mm ) hook
Yarn needle
Stitch marker or scrap of yarn

Stitches used:
American Stitches used
Magic Ring –
Single Crochet – sc
Chain – ch
Double Crochet – dc
Round – rnd(s)
Repeat – rep
Crochet abbreviation chart can be found here:

Starting at bottom
Note: I changed color after each round carrying the yarn not in use up the inside. My first rnd was in white and I ended with the Sunny Sky for the last rnd. I didn’t put the color changes in the following. Mark first stitch of each round if desired, move marker up each round.
Rnd 1 begin with a Magic Ring, make 6 sc in ring, pull up and tighten magic ring. Do not join rnd, you will be working in a spiral for a while. 6 stitches
Rnd. 2 Make 2 sc in each stitch around. 12 stitches
Rnd. 3 Make 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next, repeat around. 18 stitches
Rnd 4 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next 2, repeat around. 24 stitches
Rnd 5 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next 3, repeat around. 30 stitches
Rnd 6 2 sc in next stitch, sc in next 4, repeat around. Join to first stitch with a slip stitch. 36 stitches
Rnd 7 dc in joining stitch, dc in each stitch around, join with a slip stitch in first dc. 36 dc
Rnds 8-19 repeat rnd 7, finish off, weave in ends

Tie- make a chain of 100 chains, weave in ends. Weave thru last round of dc, slip on jar pull tie tight and tye in a bow.
I think the flowers look prettier now, what do you think?



I’ve been making granny squares this week! I started following this CAL last week, I’m going to play catch up and do a couple squares each week until I’m caught up. I got the simple granny done and started on the second square a mitered granny. Here’s the simple granny:

Yesterday a link for this Owl Granny Square came through one of my Yahoo groups
At My House it came at a good time for me My daughter is redoing her kitchen and has some owls in it and I had been looking for something to make hot pads for her and this will work here’s my first one:

20130410-165556.jpg for some reason the owl looks a bit crooked I’m going to do another one tonite.
Lately I have been doing alot of crochet that seems to have alot of pieces to it and this mess on my table has been driving me nuts! The other day as I was picking up the mess again I decided I needed something to keep the mess contained and I thought of this:

I had made this tray many years ago and it was just sitting on a shelf collecting dust. I made it to use for bead weaving ( I used to make jewelry) the tray works perfectly for crochet! Everything stays put on the tray and can easily be put away. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.

Hi all, it’s finally Friday! I had 4 new babies at work this week so it made for a long one! (I am an infant lead teacher in a day care center) I do have a couple of finished items to share. A pretty granny square tissue box cover

I used scraps of Red Heart super Saver to make it, not sure I like the red in it!
I also made some Birdie decortions from Attic24
I only got a picture of one but I made 3 and took 2 of them to my MIL on Easter. I have this one hanging from a ceiling fan. I plan to make several more when I have more time.


Hi all thought I would update ya’ll on my progress on the Hex Totebag Because of being distracted by Bunnies and Birdies I’ve only got 16 hex’s done. Here they are

I should be able to finish the rest of them this week, I need 10 more whole ones and 4 half ones as soon as I get them finished I’ll be ready for the 4th round and joining as I go, wish me luck on that! I’ve never done the join as you go before.
Small rant I apologize to anyone that got updates on my blog that are not there! I find WordPress to be somewhat difficult to use and can’t seem to do what I want! I’ll keep trying though! Ya’ll have a great evening!

April 2013


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