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Hi all, hope everyone had a great week!!! The sun was actually shining today and it was almost warm about 50 degrees!!! Hopefully it won’t get really cold again. Last night laying in bed I was thinking about the little crochet bunny from the Green Dragonfly that I made earlier in the week.
I still need to make one more! So suddenly i had this thought that I could loom knit one! Wouldn’t that be cool. This afternoon I gave it a try using that pattern as a guide I made one! Ta Dah here it is!


I think it turned out rather cute! It was also easy and pretty quick. So how did I do it? Like this:
Loom: kiss 24 peg modular set up to knit in the round on the smallest setting.
8 peg kiss spool loom (used for the white muzzle)
Yarn: small amounts of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in 4 colors.
Small amount of polyester fiberfill
2 black 1/4 inch buttons
Black embroidery floss
Small elastic bands or painters tape to mark your loom
Loom tool, yarn needle, scissors needle thin enough to sew on the buttons
Dinner fork ( to make the pompom )
Pattern for the crochet bunny found here( for the pictures to see how it is put together)
You can find it here:

Pattern for the Granny Round from Good Knit Kisses which is here:

Front and back ( make 2 )
Mark your loom on pegs 1,7,13, and 19

Step 1. Cast on to 24 pegs using the double ewrap cast on
Purl across first 6 pegs, turn and knit back to peg 1
Round 1 Wrap and knit off all 24 pegs
Round 2 wrap and purl all 24 pegs
Change color and begin following The Granny Round Pattern, you will start following it from Round 2 and you will continue following it too the end, changing color after 2 rounds, than again after 2 more rounds. After it is off the loom tie together your color changes, weave in ends and trim. Make another one. These are your front and back.
Ears ( make 2 )
Using the adjustable cast on, cast on to 6 pegs using the yarn color you used for the first 2 rows of the front and back.
Adjustable cast on is here: it is in the side bar under loom knitting techniques.
You will be knitting a flat panel
Row 1 knit across
Row 2 increase 1 stitch knit across increase one stitch
Repeat these 2 rows until you have 13 stitches changing colors for stripes as desired.
Knit 3 rows even
Begin decreases
Decrease 1 stitch at each end of the panel until you have 6 stitches left on the loom, bind off using the gathered bind off after it is off the loom pull up tight and tie off using the yarn tail sew up seam matching the stripes. Flatten piece with seam centered in the back. Pull up cast on edge to about 1/2 inch tie off. Set aside and make another one.
Using white yarn and the spool loom cast on using the drawstring cast on found here it is in the side bar under loom knitting techniques. Flat knit for 5 rounds bind off using the super stretchy bind off. Leave long tail for sewing. Embroider nose and mouth.
Using white yarn make pompom as directed in the crochet pattern ( I only wrapped the yarn 30 times.)

Putting it all together
Following the crochet pattern sew it all together and you have a cute little bunny.
Here are my 2 together


I think they are both so cute!

Hi all, hope everyone is having a great week! Mine is going okay, my back is feeling a bit better after the babying it got on Monday. On Monday I found this cute little bunny from a link on
Isn’t it adorable, I had to make one for Molly and Chloe

The pattern is available here at the green dragonfly
I think it is adorable, I finished this one last night, it really didn’t take long and I will be making one more before Easter, no time today as I had an appointment right after work which interfered with my hooking time, don’t you hate it when that happens? Ya’ll have a great rest of the week!

This morning I woke up with a sore back but I went to work anyway. Turns out we had extra people so I got to leave after about 3 hours, wow I get some time to play! by this time my back was really hurting so when I got home I took some ibuprofen and sat down in my recliner with a heating pad on my back. Instead of working on something in progress I decided to try out this vintage popcorn square from meme-rose blog.
The afghan made out of this is absolutely beautiful be sure and scroll down to see it. Here’s my square

I still think the square is very pretty but I’m not sure I will ever make it again becuse it took so long!
Almost 3 hours, wow it would take forever to make an afghan! But I still think the afghan is beautiful.
My back is feeling a bit better hopefully it will continue to improve.

Hi all, well it’s another gray, cold day here in SW Michigan. Currently it is 36 degrees and is not supposed to warm up until Thursday. I am so tired of cold and gray, so I’ve been looking around on the internet for some brightness and found a bit in crochet Attic 24 I love her blog always something bright and pretty to cheer you up. I also found some at meme-rose I just love all the grannies here. I found the hex totebag at futuregirl and decided it was just what I was looking for an easy project that is bright and cheery. I went stash diving and a trip to Walmart and this is what I found:

The yarns are in a wine bottle bag from HEB grocery store in Austin, TX. Here’s what they are
Caron Simply soft in:
Melon 0016
Soft Blue9712
Grape Raisin 9610
Pistachio 0003
Strawberry 0015
Lemon 0017

Yarn Bee Soft Secret in:
Bright Blue 98
Ivory 14
I am using a size F crochet hook and I am liking them so far. Here are the first few with 3 rounds done, my 4th round is going to be ivory and I am going to join them as I go.

I am also going to be good and weave in the ends as I go, cuz I hate having hundreds to deal with at the end. Ya’ll have a great Sunday afternoon!
Oops I almost forgot a link to the pattern page hex totebag
The pattern is actually a 6 part video CAL.

Hi all hope everyone is having a great Saturday mine has been pretty good, I got a bit of sewing done. I made these little origami bags using this tutorial
They were very quick and easy to make.


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I made this for a sew along in the American Girl Doll group here
I made it for my granddaughter Molly.


The tank top is made using a pattern from Liberty Jane.


The pattern is a Freebie from You can make this .com



Pattern is by Sonja Otto and can be found on Ravelry.

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