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Hexapuff madness

Posted on: March 11, 2012

hi all I created a new page for the Puff A Long just click on the link at the top of the page.

Hi all, I have been completely obsessed with the little hexapuffs used in

the Beekeepers Quilt I purchased the pattern and have been trying different ways of making them. I have used loomknit and crochet. The first one I

tried I used the Kiss fine gauge 1 loom and the instructions as written in the pattern. This is it:

Hexapuff knit on the Kiss fine gauge loom

It came out kinda of small and squatty

The next one I tried was still using the Kiss fg 1 loom except this time I made it using short rows, essentially I made a sock heel and then immediately made another and then I Kitchener stitched the opening closed. It came out too large:

Short Row Hexapuff using the Kiss FG 1 loom

I did not really care for the way it turned out.

Next I tried one using the Kiss FG 2 loom and once again followed the pattern instructions again, It came out to be the size called for in the pattern 3 inches of the 3 I like this one the best:

Next I tried some crocheted ones I tried 3 different ones:

Hexapuff Lap Quilt

The Apiary Puff

Crochet Hexagon Puff

I like the Crochet Hexagon Puffs the best, it is the pink one in the photo.

I am thinking about holding a Hexapuff LAL or CAL here on my blog. You would need to purchase the original pattern from Tiny Owl Knits on Ravelry, though the size you make yours will be up to you.

It would not start for a few weeks and would be a somewhat longterm project. If you are interested in joining please reply in the comments of this post.

Other than the hexapuffs I haven’t gotten much else done lately I started Mr. Bunny from in Loom Class but still need to finish him up, he is lacking 1 arm and 2 legs. I also crochet a dishcloth and scrubbie but they are for an exchange so can’t post photos yet.

38 Responses to "Hexapuff madness"

Sounds like fun to me Angel!

Great June, glad you will be joining me.

Oh I love these. I have been busy fixing and taking back an old knitting machine to a blanket group. That is done so now back to fun knitting. I want to join in a crochet or loom along for these. I already have purchased the pattern, have it right here. I too have a penguin to finish from Bethany. I knew I couldn’t do the bunny and egg too. I may finish the penguin this week.

Great Jeannette glad you will be joining me, I will post more details later in the week.

Would these be too much for a beginner? I think the name is adorable…”hexapuff”! I would love to learn how to make these little guys…just have to dig up my yarn and hooks!

They would definitely be okay for a beginner, they are very easy and fun to make. It would be great if you join the CAL, I will be posting more details later in the week. I see from your blog you live in Texas, where if I may ask. I am a Texan living in Michigan. Most of my family is still there.

I will be picking up my crochet needles tomorrow, hopefully I can relearn how to work them in a short amount of time! I am in Texas, hopefully I will never have to leave but I know a fortune will be spent on visiting if ever I do…I am from the Bryan/College Station area. I grew up on a farm outside of La Grange and went to school and work here in BCS. My apartment is too tiny and my farm is so far, so I keep my plants/fun/arboretum at my bf’s house.

Lilybell, mostly you will need to be able to crochet a chain, single crochet and crochet in the round without joining. For your refresher you might check youtube there are hundreds of how tos just search how to crochet. I have also found the Lion Brand Yarn website to be very helpful. I have been in Michigan for 27 years and I still miss Texas. Most of our vacations have been spent there.

I was playing with these and have several different loomy versions worked out, but I’m still not totally satisfied. Like you, my hexipuff from the original pattern looks sort of “squatty”, The ones I like best for the loom are made in the round and look very similar to the motif in the Hexipuff Lap Quilt link you have in your blog post. I would also love to join your LAL so keep me posted.

Brenda, these are kinda of addicting. I tried another loom knit one last night I accidently did it a bit differently! And I like it, now to see if I can duplicate the accident. So far I like the crochet hexagon one the best, I think my qulit will be a combination of both loom knit and crochet. I am Glad will be joining the LAL. I will be posting details later in the week.

I have both the original knit pattern and the Crochet Hexagon Puff pattern. Since it will be a long term project I think I can manage it. I really like the portability of it.

Marilou, that is great! Glad you will be joining us. They are very portable, have you tried either pattern yet?

I have been giving the knit pattern the “eye” for some time now. Then when I saw your blog post I bought them ALL.

Wow, Marilou you are as bad as I am LOL,

I am wanting to join. Yet I fear I should pass. I made notes on how to make them with knitting needles from the videos she posted. when I fund it back in early Jan searching for a left overs project. No room in the budget to be buying patterns currently, I bought a couple before dad passed in 2006 I still need to make before buying more. Then I have other things I have been working on I need to finish. Like a horse blanket for our Great Dane, he get cold where our little mix 20# does not. Tatting for my class I am teaching.

It would be really nice to have you join us, but you would really need to purchase the original BeeKeepers Quilt pattern as this is not my pattern it would be wrong for me to share the pattern or the info in it. Thank you for your interest.

Only returned last night from visiting the grandson and have about 4 knitting projects to start this week, but I fell in love with these little puffs at first sight, so I just went over and bought the pattern!

I eventually hope to make them on the loom, but I worked on learning my chain and single stitch crochet on the plane too … so looking forward to any techniques I can pick up either way 🙂

Thanks Angel

Terry S (Jersey Girl)

Terry your welcome. They are very fun to make in crochet or loom knit. My quilt will be of both. So does this mean you are going to join the CAL/LAL? How was your trip?

Duh, Forgot to say yes I’m joining … jet lag (grin)

Always an amazing trip when I get to see my “baby” (now 6’4″)

Terry, that’s great! The babies sure can get big LOL.

I just downloaded all the crochet puffs too. I hope to start some soon. I have a vest and sweater on needles right now so back to looming. I was excited about the new loom but it isn’t here yet. I will make some without it.These will be great to take with me to Michigan to help with my mom in a month. Angel, where in Michigan are you? I’m in North Texas(Sherman/Denison) 30 years now but I come from Sterling Heights,Michigan, I grew up in Detroit before the riots. Then moved to the suburbs.

Jeannette, the crochet ones are really portable and easy to haul around. Hope you get caught up on your other stuff. I live in Kalamazoo. What dates will you be in Michigan?

would love to join in I bought this pattern back in Sept 2011

Kathy I’m really glad you will be joining us.

Hi Angel, I would like to join your Hexapuff lal. I really love the little things, and just bought the pattern and have printed it. I started the morning reading your email and blog, took a trip to the UK and have had a great day so far! I am looking forward to the lal, will be starting the “Mr. Wobbles” class w/Bethany on Monday – great fun!


BevAnn, so glad you will be joining us. I love visiting other countries. The Mr. Wobbles was a very fun project.

I want to play too! Will you be posting directions and help, because I have not been able to get started. Thanks!

Marci, you are more than welcome to play. I will be posting help with changing the pattern for the loom. I will also be posting tips for the crochet version. Will you be loom knitting or crocheting your puffs?

I want to try both ways 🙂 Could you please email me the discount code for the loom? I already purchased the patterns from Thanks so much – I can’t wait to start!

Marci, these are fun both ways! I sent your code, please let me know if you have any problems.

What code for what loom

Kathy I answered your comment privately.

Please add m to your class list. I purchased the crochet hex as I’m learning the basics and this would be a fun project. I’ve also downloaded the knit version and would like to follow along on your LAL. I might be slow in following as I’m also doing a couple or othr LAL and group projects. I also am having sight problems an that won’t be fixed until Juneish. But, I would love to make these. I have a small kiss loom–I believe it’s 4×8 and 4×7, So I hope that is enought to make the loom what I need for this hex. I’m also making Brenda’s hex in her May LAL! I am so excited to try all these types of hex! Want hundreds of them, LOL! Thank you!

Will do Linda. The crochet one is just as fun as the loomed version. Don’t worry about being slow this is a long term project. The Kiss Loom I am using is the Kiss Short Fine Gauge 2 loom. If you read the Hexapuff Along page there is info there about a discount for this loom. I am looking forward to Brenda’s geopuffs also.

PS…are you using the looming pattern one? I am assuming the quilt pattern is needle knit–I know how to put a quilt together. But, I can only loom knit and putz along at crocheting right now. Knitting needles and I do NOT get along… I guess I just need to know which pattern I really need Thanks!!

Linda, i developed my own way of doing them that is based on the pattern for the Beekeepers Quilt so that is the pattern that you need to purchase.

I am with you: I like the pink one the best too. But the knitted one would be ok- only the variegated yarn makes it loop-sided looking- if I may say so. I am not good with abbreviations. Tell me what is a LAL or Cal on your blog? i am interested , but I can’t join until I get my pattern business in shape. Just found out I be double grandma again in Nov/ Dec- you know that takes time and the babies get done faster than the blankets and crib sets.

Yes the varigated yarn does look a bit lopsided. A LAL is loom a long and CAL is crochet a long. Thanks for commenting!

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